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Media Gamut is a digital agency that specializes in creating or aggregating content and publishing it. We also have a diverse history of audience building and community interaction.
A new media powerhouse bringing news, multimedia, marketing, advertising and support to millions of Tumblr users as well as a general web audience. Media Gamut is the largest & most experienced blog network on Tumblr with content averaging 10 to 20 million impressions monthly. We not only bridge the gap between content and consumer, but also facilitate exposure for marketers & publishers.
We help promote content creators/events/etc. and have developed great relationships with various outlets that use Tumblr. Once the groundwork has been laid we can provide continual follower growth. This will help drive and develop user habits through good and helpful content. With increased followers we build the community and build hype for upcoming events and products. Our large network of Tumblrs will allow us to cross blog where & when appropriate.
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Content Creation

Media Gamut specializes in not only spreading content, but also in creating it. Creating content like original artwork, event coverage or even full marketing campaigns is something that MG can handle.

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Are you looking for a way to expand your audience reach or brand awareness? MG can create a turn key blog with a built in audience for you as well as create campaigns for community interaction, Tumblr radar campaigns or even help you set up an event.

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Theme Design & Coding

We also do consulting on how to make your blog a better place. Often that boils down to fixing content formatting or just implementing an attractive, reliable and useable theme or layout. We can create & maintain that for you 100% of the way.

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Art Projects

Our team is full of creatives. As things grew, so did the need to showcase them. MG can handle not only the online marketing for you, but also the print marketing. Let our creative team come up with a cool idea to reflect your brand.

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From Our Blog

72Pins Project

It started out as a simple idea. Take old forgotten, unused, and unloved NES carts and give them a new lease of life by repackaging it as a throwback version of a modern game. Call of Duty, Halo, and Bioshock comprised of the initial batch. And the concept exploded. Since then, the carts have been featured on Kotaku, Game Informer, Joystiq, IGN's "Cheap Cool Crazy" and we were Time Magazine's top last minute gift idea. In June 2012, The Yetee hosted an art show that featured the 72Pins carts and prints. Helping us showcase the talented artists and team behind the project. The 72Pins project continues to this day with new releases continuing down the pipeline. Numerous artists have since contributed to the 72Pins project with their fun and innovative designs that help expand the library and have touched on a variety aspects of pop culture. Check out the 72Pins Store.

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Are you an artist looking who wants to make a design for 72Pins? Email Pauline@72Pins.com

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